The Stawamus Chief: First Peak

One of my bucket-list items is to hike The Stawamus Chief, and I'm happy to say (or...type?) that I've partially checked that off. The Chief is a towering granite rock that overlooks the town of Squamish, which is about an hour drive north of Vancouver. It is split into three different peaks, and the reason for partially checking off this bucket-list goal is because our group only made it up the first peak (which is still an accomplishment though...or should I say, an a-chief-ment haha ok I'll stop now).

We hiked with our family friends, because the more the merrier. As we started the trail, we were greeted with a long, lovely staircase. Please excuse the next two blurry photos, I struggled a bit with the stairs.

Eventually, the staircase ended and was replaced by a dirt trail with some rocks, roots, trunks, a ladder and a silver chain. We all paced ourselves and enjoyed the little sights along the way. It's lovely just being outside and enjoying the sun and nature and each others' company. We started hiking earlier in the day too, and got to see peeks of the sunrise while hiking up which was really sweet.

I didn't get a photo of the iron ladder and chain that hikers encounter as you near the top of the chief, but it was fun using them (specifically the chain). After using the chain to guide and pull ourselves up, we had to hike the remainder of the way to the top.

At some points, the incline during the remainder of the hike had some of us scrambling on all fours so as to not lose our balance and fall. The view at the top was worth the trek and trickiness though!
Once we reached the top, we all sat, relaxed and ate our lunches while enjoying the scenery. From where we were you could see the second and third peaks too, and little hikers working their way up.

I did this hike during a time where I was overwhelmed by the stresses of school, and other personal and life happenings. I had several assignments, particularly a big paper, due in a few days and preparation for finals and such. Usually, I handle this stress by staying at home and just trying to plow through it, but sometimes that actually adds more stress. I realized that taking a breather, being outside and away from it all helps so much.

Sitting at the top of the Chief, quietly taking in the view and all of His creations helped recognize just how vast the world is, and how capable we are of taking on the little and big challenges that we encounter.

Update from Angie in the future: I ended up doing better than I thought on that big paper. Thank you Lord! Yay!


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