Now, I realize this entry is very, very delayed. Before I hop to it, I would like to thank my cousin, Eena at Cabin Twenty-Four for encouraging (and reminding) me to share my adventures on this blog. Hehe. Love you cousin.

Oahu? More like, O-WOW-hoo...okay that pun sucked.
But this place surely doesn't! After spending a few days in Maui, we set off on a short plane-ride to Oahu.

Oahu – Waikiki in particular – was a complete switch from Maui. There were tall buildings, highways, shops and bustling, crowded streets. There were also ABC stores and Hawaiian Cookie Co.'s on every other block – the latter being pure bliss because of their free samples haha.

Our time in Oahu consisted of various activities, both within Waikiki and around other parts of the island. You can actually take a road-trip around the island in a day if you wanted to. 

Waikiki + The Beach

We spent a good chunk of our time by the beach. I loved being able to leave our B&B and just explore downtown Waikiki. Even in the evening the weather was the perfect balance of warm and cool. I had an unfortunate experience in a night-market close to the beach, but otherwise the locals and tourists were all super friendly!

At the beach we did a ton of swimming, and jumping off boardwalks into the water and more swimming. It was all fun, but I do think that surfing was the highlight of being at the beach (although our arms were completely pooped by the end of it).

Exploring the Island of Oahu

For our next activity, we hopped on a bus for a guided tour of the island! We started in the heart of Waikiki, then made our way counter-clockwise around the Oahu. We had a lovely tour guide and drive, Cousin Dave, who kept things interesting, informative and humorous along the way!

Hanauma Bay

Nu`uanu Pali Lookout / you get to clearly see the divide between the dry and wet areas of the island.

At the Macadamia Nut Farm / deliciousness

Mokoli'i otherwise known as the Chinaman's Hat.

The Dole Plantation / deliciousness

The Polynesian Cultural Centre

While the entirety of our trip to Hawaii was amazing and fun, my own personal highlight of the trip was visiting the The Polynesian Cultural Centre. Our whole group were donned in white attire, ready to explore and learn about the different islands of Polynesia. The place had many activities for visitors to participate in. There was also a wonderful boat parade along the main river, where people representing different islands of Polynesia performed their cultural dances. It was all so beautiful! We got to learn certain dances as well, and watch a luau during the dinner portion of our visit. It was such an amazing experience, and I would go back in a heartbeat as there was still much of the cultural centre we had to see. Definitely recommend swinging by this place if you visit Oahu.

Pearl Harbor 

I love history and learning about history, and if you do too or even if you don't fancy it that much, I would still encourage you to visit Pearl Harbor. We were solemn while exploring the site, and there is so much to learn with regards to the Attack on Pearl Harbor and World War II. We got to visit the USS Arizona Memorial which is situated above the sunken battleship and is the resting site for the sailors and marines killed during Japan's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.

Diamond Head

Diamond head is a volcanic landmark right by Waikiki, and a notable hike for tourists and locals alike. Visitors trek to the bunkers at the top and receive a beautiful view overlooking the ocean and the city. Although it appears to be a difficult hike, it was not as bad as we had thought. The trail goes up and transitions to stairs as you near the top. Definitely bring your water and pace yourself!

This was such an amazing trip. Thank you to the friendly people we met along the way for making this adventure one for the books...or....blog? I'm missing the sun, the beach and the spam musubi; looking forward to swinging by this beautiful beautiful place again.

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