Joffre Lakes

It was my sister's birthday this past weekend, and as a part of her birthday treat our family headed up towards Whistler for the weekend. We left super early as we wanted to fit in a good hike at Joffre Lakes Provincial Park which is just an hour or so past Whistler Village.

The trail has an incline, and takes hikers past the Lower, Middle and Upper Joffre lakes. The Matier glacier at the top feeds into the upper lake, and the water cascades down into the middle and lower lakes.

I first did this hike two years ago, but this was my family's first time. It is definitely a more challenging trek, but it is such a rewarding hike. Make sure to bring lots and lots of bug spray as the mosquitos are vicious (and huge), as well as water and snacks.

Right at the get-go from the trailhead you get to the lower lake which is already so stunning and a bit more still as hikers continue upwards.

After a few quick photos, we started the long trek to middle lake. In my opinion, I would say that the hike between the lower and middle lakes is the toughest part of the hike. The distance is longer compared to that between the middle and upper lakes, and the incline poses a challenge. We paced ourselves, took our water breaks (and pictures). The weather was beautiful but also super hot.

When the trail became steeper, we were quite close to giving up and turning back. Yet, hikers returning from the top of the trail would pass by us and keep egging us on, telling us that we were so close, and that what we'd see would be so worth the sweat, bug bites and aching feet.

Perseverance and support from fellow hikers. This is why I love hikes.

We finally made it to middle lake, and it's hard to put into words how excited and in awe we were of this place.

There's a well-known photo-op here, where hikers like to traverse across a long log that somewhat dips into the blue water. Of course, we went and took some pictures there.

Middle Joffre Lake with the Matier Glacier in the background.

We were unfortunately pressed for time and could not continue to the upper lake. Although it would have been a treat, we all agreed to head back down as we were also incredibly hungry.

But, for a bonus, below are pictures of the upper lake from my time hiking here two years ago with my Tito and Tita. Hikers can camp here, and you get a beautiful view if you hike and scramble up the rocks towards the glacier.

joffre lakes 2016


Until next time! Upper Lake, we're coming for you!


  1. Joffre Lakes looks so beautiful, casin! Hopefully I get to visit someday!

    cabin twenty-four

    1. It's amazing! We'll take you here when you visit!


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