July had been a busy and exciting month – lots of new and fun adventures. This is one of them.

About a month ago, my family went camping alongside our family friends. It was a long, 5-hour drive up north.
Destination: Williams Lake, B.C.

Of course, camping doesn't necessarily mean staying at the camp site all the time. Relax at the site, enjoy the campfires, but when you can step out and explore!

The following days of our trip involved visiting different places around Williams Lake (and places beyond the area). It was really nice seeing the other towns in B.C. – until now my family and I have only visited areas around the lower mainland.

Stop I: Jack of Clubs Lake 

We were actually heading to another place, which you'll see in a bit, but we made a quick stop by Jack of Clubs Lake for a washroom break. Eventually this stop turned into a quick photo-op because we all realized how beautiful the lake was (this happens a lot haha!).

Stop II: Barkerville, B.C.

Our actual destination for the day was Barkerville  – a historic town, and a primary spot for the Cariboo Gold Rush in the province.

I can't recall if I've stated this in past posts, but I love historic towns. I find it so much fun to see old buildings whose architecture is still maintained, and people dressed up in the periodical clothing.

Barkerville was a long strip of these homes and shoppes – you can peek inside some of the old dental offices, homes, candy stores and bakeries...it was a time-travelling experience.

If you ever travel to B.C., I'd make Barkerville one of the places to visit. It's a bit of a drive (but a scenic one!) and well worth it.

Stop III: Williams Lake Stampede (Canada Day)

We celebrated Canada's 150th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!) by heading to Williams Lake's parade and rodeo. For most of us, it was our first time attending an event like this. We all dressed as cowboys and cowgirls, enjoyed a pancake breakfast provided by the organizers of the event, and sang to some great songs when we sat in the bleachers of the rodeo stadium (I'm talkin' Sweet Caroline and Summer of '69 here, it was wild).

Stop IV: Farwell Canyon

I didn't know this place existed. You'd think that with living in this country for a good chunk of my life I'd be aware of these beautiful spots, but no. Just goes to show how big our world is, full of tons of hidden gems. Places that may not be as well-mentioned or well-known by many people.

Anyways. Farwell Canyon.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to step on the sand-dunes (a lot of us were just worried about safety and things like that) but we did get our dusty and sweaty selves down to the river that runs through the canyon. It was a refreshing treat.

The Camp

I can't forget about our experiences at the actual campsite. A very special thanks to the sweet family (and new-found friends) who welcomed us warmly and allowed us to stay with them. We camped out in their backyard (they lived in a large farm a short drive from Williams Lake) and got to experience riding their horses and hiking around the area!

Despite the tiring drives, family road trips are always one of my favourite things to be a part of. What an exciting experience it was to explore a bit more of my home, and with good company.

Except the mosquitos. They were absolute jerks.


Camping Road trip: OUTTAKES

Here we go!


  1. I love this post, casin! I wish you lived closer :(

  2. Thank you Een. I'm sorry for the delayed response, I miss you!


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