Othello Tunnels

My friend Veronica, her dog Pebbles and I recently visited Othello Tunnels. Otherwise known as Coquihalla Provincial Park, Othello Tunnels is a series of tunnels and bridges that overlook the Coquihalla River. It used to be a part of the Kettle Valley Railway, but is now a fun, family-friendly hiking trail. 

Before we begin, here's some Pebbles-appreciation. This little one led us throughout our trek. As you'll read shortly, there were some inclines to a trail we took and times where we slowed down a bit; Pebbles would stop for us or scamper back to make sure we were ok. Or maybe she just wanted to show some of her talents (she would do a few spins around us before running ahead again). Either way, it was cute!

Visiting The Tunnels actually wasn't our initial plan. There was another trail and destination that we were heading to, but we decided to put that one on hold once we figured out the correct route to get there (did I get us a bit lost? Maybe). Stay tuned for those future photos.

Okay, back to The Tunnels.

The Tunnels have both natural and man-made aspects to them, and I loved how they kind of towered over us. Don't get me wrong, though – there was fascination, but I was a bit intimidated too.

Walking through The Tunnels was both exciting and eerie. Though I don't have photos, there were times when it was pitch black, save for the light at the end; the ceilings were high with water dripping on us from time to time.

Upon reaching the end of The Tunnels, the trail gets to a point where it splits in two: one path continues on towards the town of Hope. The other is the Hope-Nicola Valley Trail, which loops back to the parking lot. We decided to take the latter.

There's was an incline at the first half of the trail – despite being out of breath, being up high and seeing the view was quite nice.

The day began with us slightly panicked and a bit sad that our first plan didn't work out. But it ended with us going to a place just as beautiful! 

Sidenote: This little adventure has made me realize my amazing skill of tripping multiple times during a hike. Especially over air. I didn't keep count, but Veronica promised she would keep track next time around (she's got my back, thank you Veronica haha!!).

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  1. These are such lovely photos Angie! Take me here someday :D


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