A Golden Trip

About a week ago my family and I flew over to Los Angeles, California, to celebrate my dad's 50th birthday with our relatives. The trip was kept a surprise from him for about 6 weeks (how my mom, sister and I accomplished this is still beyond us), up until we were on the road. It was so exciting to see the rest of my family again.

Our first day in California was spent at The Getty Museum with my sister Krystle, and our cousin, Eena (check in at Cabin Twenty-Four !!!). Despite visiting Los Angeles countless of times, this was our first time checking out the museum. I can't believe we never dropped by before!

I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves, but this place was beautiful, both in its interior...

... and exterior.

The view was a surprise too! 

After The Getty, we left for Newport Coast. Our resort sat on a hill that overlooked the ocean, and it was beautiful.

The following day was spent exploring what the resort had to offer–these included a basketball court, three swimming pools and bowls of taffy. Yes, taffy. My sister could not stop going back and grabbing a handful.

That evening we began preparing for our dad's birthday dinner. Decorations with a "vintage dude" theme were in place, and the food was ready. We even had longtime family friends from San Ramon visit and celebrate with us–I was really happy to see my dad just enjoying his special day.

While all of the food we had was good, I kept coming back to the birthday cake. It was a kievsky cake, and it was delicious. I'm craving some as I'm typing this.

The remainder of the trip was spent exploring more of the coast–we greeted our last day with a trip to Balboa for some stand-up paddle-boarding. It was such a fun experience that I'm actually considering doing it more frequently this summer.

We grabbed lunch at Ciao's, an Italian restaurant on the main street of Balboa Island. Although I shared a filling calzone with my sister, we still went ahead and got a frozen cheesecake from Dad's Original Frozen Banana. So, so good.

On our way back to the resort, we made one last stop at Crystal Cove. The beach here was secluded, and we accessed it through a really cool tunnel!

It was a short break from reality, but a wonderful one regardless. I'm definitely missing the sun and the warm weather. Until next time!


  1. KRABBY PATTY LEGS hahahahah. Love this entry. Miss you guys already!

  2. Great photos! Looks like a fun trip and a really special bday surprise for your dad!

    Caitlin | http://sunnystyleblog.com/

  3. Glad to see you enjoying your time down in LA! All of the things you all did looked so much fun. Crystal Cove definitely looks like a hidden gem! Gotta check it out one day ;). Thanks for sharing your experience!


    1. Thank you for stopping by!! :) Crystal Cove's a gem and I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience there!

  4. When I go to museums, I have as great of a time marveling at the architecture of the museums as I do enjoying the actual exhibits within the museums :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I find myself doing that more often too haha! Of course it's great when they incorporate the art in their architecture too :)


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