I've been meaning to write about Bandon, Oregon. This was one of the first posts I had in mind when starting One Rad Detour.

In the Coos County of Oregon lies the little city of Bandon – or as most tourists like to call it, Bandon-by-the-Sea. In the summer of '16, my family and I spent a weekend in a vacation home there – it was close to the city itself and overlooked the coast too!

This was pretty much the weather throughout our whole stay. I know – it was dreary and grey, foggy and chilly. The coast was not what we expected at all (we were thinking there'd a bit more sun).

But when we went down closer to water, our feet sinking in soft sand, it was quite the sight and experience.

Once we were on the beach, my cousins began running and jumping over sand dunes. I don't have photos of this one event, but my sister found a mega-mountain-like sand dune, climbed all the way to the top, then proceeded to roll down the hill. Classic.

Of course, our stay wasn't only comprised of running on the beach. We explored the city of Bandon and visited the docks to go crabbing too.

While exploring Bandon and the coast, my family and I were also in search of some caves. We were unsuccessful the first couple of times, but on our last day – just before we left for home – we found them! Talk about good timing.

Yes, Bandon was less sunny then we thought it'd be. But with the charming town, mysterious fog over the sea, soft sand dunes, caves and cool rock's got it's own beauty. I definitely felt a ton of Goonies and Stephen King vibes. Not to mention there were times where I felt like I was in Taylor Swift's Style music video ha ha!

This was also the trip where I decided to start collecting books from new places and inscribing the city in the first page. When we stopped by the city's bookshop, I picked up A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman. Thus began a neat little tradition for the bookworm in me.


  1. I am forever gutted that I never got to on this trip. Love seeing these photos Angie!! :)

    1. next time we will drive along the coast!!!! thank you, I'm so glad you like them! :D


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